PureWay is a Polish company that was created out of passion for sport. We have thirty years of experience in obtaining proteins, which puts us at the forefront of companies that have an innovative technology for producing whey protein. Our product is manufactured on a specialized technological line, where the protein is concentrated and isolated by 6 membrane lines (including ceramic lines), which causes that the proteins are gently concentrated and cleaned of lactose, fats and ashes. Thanks to this, it does not allow dead and casein proteins to get into the product. this process, in effect, allows to obtain a protein with very good assimilation and more effective use by the human digestive system. We have gone a long way in research to obtain the highest quality protein for the most demanding. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have given up simple sugars, which in turn has reduced the calorific value of the product. WPC 85 has a very low level of ash and salt, thanks to which it affects the greater absorption of protein by the body, thus not burdening our metabolism and digestive system. We are currently working on creating a whey protein isolate and hydroisolates, which will soon be launched for sale.

WPC85 parameters